10 Newborn Essentials (as recommended by mums of Aberdeenshire)

The day is drawing nearer. You’re feeling nervous and emotional, but you’re ready. It’s almost time for your little one to make an arrival.

(You’ve perhaps also experiencing swollen ankles, constant heartburn and feeling as if you’re about to pop, but let’s try not to focus on the downsides!)

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How to prepare for having a second baby with a toddler in tow

If you are pregnant with your second baby and you have a toddler or young child already, you’ll have realised that life is soon going to be very different!

Having gone through pregnancy, labour and childbirth before, thankfully, you know this time round what to expect. But once your new baby is born, the dynamics at home are going to be a little different! You’ll have two children to manage and it’ll be important to ensure that your toddler still gets attention even when you are busy with the new baby.

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Our predictions for popular baby names in 2019, plus unusual baby names we love!

Is it just me or do you get excited when the annual baby names lists come out?!

Baby days may be a distant memory for me now (Spencer recently turned 18), but I can’t resist a peek when they’re published. I find it fascinating watching my own kids’ names climb up and down the charts and checking out the latest trends for the new year.

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Susan: My Story, from Headteacher to Wedding and Family Photographer

One of the questions I’m most often asked as a wedding and family photographer is “How did you get started?” And so I thought I’d share my photography story here on the blog….

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